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Dragonflies of Central Sweden

1-3 days, price upon request. May-September. Guide: Per Karlsson Linderum.

Our region host 47 different species of dragonflies. We can offer day tours or short weekend tours which gives you the oppertunity to see almost every species according to the flight season. In our region we have different habitats, from moorland to gravel pits, from running rivers to huge wetlands.

May-June: Speahead Bluet, Crescent Bluet, Arctic Bluet, Dark Bluet, Ruby Whiteface, Yellow-spotted Whiteface, Dark Whiteface and Lilypad Whiteface.

July: most late summer species but not all. Small Pincertail and Yellow-spotted Emerald easy.

August-September: Robust Spreadwing, Common Winter Damsel, Bog Hawker, Baltic Hawker, Northern Emerald, Yellow-winged Darter, Moustached Darter and with chance on Azure Hawker and Green Hawker.

Butterflies of Central Sweden

1-3 days, price upon request. May-August. Guide: Per Karlsson Linderum.

Our region host about 60 different species of butterflies. We can offer day tours or short weekend tours which gives you the oppertunity to see almost every species according to the flight season. We can also offer a combonation of bird-, butterfly and dragonfly watching.

Special butterflies in our region (from a brittish/dutch perspective):

Northern Chequered Skipper, Swallowtail, Wood White, Real´s Wood White, Moorland Clouded Yellow, Idas Blue, Cranberry Blue, Amanda´s Blue, Mazarine Blue, Green-underside Blue, Scarce Copper, Purple-edged Copper, Brown Hairstreak, Queen of Spain Fritillary, Bog Fritillary, Lesser Marbled Fritillary, Cranberry Fritillary, Camberwell Beauty, Poplar Admiral, Heath Fritillary, Northern Wall Brown, Large Wall Brown, Baltic Grayling, Arran Brown & Pearly Heath.

Near-by localities also has:

Mountain Argus, Geranium Argus, Scarce Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary & Nickerl´s Fritillary.

Bird watching in Central Sweden

1-3 days, price upon request. Any time. Guide: Per Karlsson Linderum or Ronnie Lindqvist.

We offer short customized tours in our region upon request. Please contact us for further information. See also bellow some examples of short tours in our region of Sweden.
+46725136029 (Per)
+4602621417 (Ronnie)

Contour Air & PR Birding Tours Terms & Conditions

Contour Air and PR Birding Tours are flying with scheduled flights and usually have our experienced and knowledgeable tour guide on the trip already from Sweden. We place great value on always having high quality and our hotel has been carefully chosen together with our partners at the various destinations. We help with all flight connections from other countries if desired. A special ground price can be offered for those traveling on their own to the starting point of the scheduled tour. All visa processing where required we will take care of for those who wish. The fee for the visa is paid by the traveler, if not included in the tour price. Faced with all our departures we publish a comprehensive tour brochure and information material on our destinations and the birds we may see that you, the traveler will have a lot of enjoyment to read.

SRF's terms for package tours
Contour Air is a member of Swedish Travel Agents (SRF) and connects us to the SRF's terms for package tours. There is a security for you as a traveler that we comply with these conditions.


Conclusion of the contract
The contract is binding to the parties when the organizer has confirmed in writing the Traveller's order and the traveler within the agreed time has paid the application fee.


Registration fee
The registration fee is paid within 10 days after receipt of invoice. The registration fee is part of the fare.


Disability, diet, etc.
Do you have any kind of disability or need for special diet - for your own sake - please inform us of this when booking your trip.


Cancellation Policy / Special conditions
A handling fee of 300 SEK / person always charged in case of cancellation of the trip. In case of cancellation, the following conditions: Cancellation later than 60 days before departure is charged 25% of the holiday total price. Later than 30 days 50% and less than 20 days the full price.


Minimum number of travelers
For journeys to be undertaken see specific trip. Notification of a cancelled trip must be provided within 14 days prior to departure. See Terms and Conditions Section 2.3.2.


The tour price
The price may be adjusted under the SRF's terms for package tours Section 2.1.


The journey eventually paid against invoice, no later than 30 days before departure.

Before the trip

Valid passport
Bring always passports for travel. The traveler is responsible for returning the passport is completely valid. Always give the spelling of the name according to the passport, any additional cost due to the name change after ticketing paid for by the individual traveler.


Non-Swedish citizens are responsible for any visas required for different countries. Check with the relevant country's embassy. Otherwise see the respective country sidebar.


Foreign currency
Foreign currency can most easily be exchanged at home. Tips and information about the currency required is provided in the final documents.


Travel insurance
We recommend every traveler to take out full travel insurance for traveling abroad. We offer in cooperation with the European a full insurance coverage.


Always contact your GP or vaccination center before traveling, so that your vaccination is up to date.


Information on specific equipment for the trip other than general birdwatching equipment is sent out upon registration.


Please contact your agent if you wish to connecting flights.


We reserve the right to change the sequence and content of the itinerary may change slightly.


Information on the hotels is usually given in the booking confirmation / negotiations. Modifications can occur.


Single room
We can offer a few single rooms at additional cost.


In double room
Traveler who books in double room, must still be prepared to pay the supplement that can be charged to the organizer of the hotel unless the other site can not be sold. This applies regardless of whether it takes place after the conclusion of the contract, or if it occurs as a consequence of a subsequent unforeseen event, for instance if the traveling companion becomes ill. See Terms and Conditions Section 1.3.5.


Our trips are organized with the Swedish agency operations customary conditions applicable. Reservations must be made for schedule changes, unforeseen events, security changes or force majeure. All prices and factual information is based on data available on November 15, 2014. Subject to price adjustments and other charges levied on journeys, which we are beyond the control of. We also reserve any typo errors.


Flight tax
On the trips we not been able to put aviation tax in the price, we report the price at which the printing of the catalog and the reserve for possible price increase.



Contour Air are part of Swedish Travel Agents and we have set Travelers Warranty.

Om resorna/About tours & bokning/booking:

0702621417 (Ronnie Lindqvist)

0725136029 (Per Karlsson Linderum)


Organisationsnummer: 969778-2713


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